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The official home of the African Kickboxing and mixed martial arts championships Academy !

The African Kickboxing Academy provides the best in training and competitive Kickboxing  and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Africa!



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Fight Date Set for March!

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Mr. Puro Okelo Obob is dedicated to the development and participation of the Martial Arts in Africa, he is willing to teach, promote and advise any future competitors, bodyguards, and anyone interested in self-defense anywhere on the continent of Africa. Feel free to contact him and set up an appointment,

  • To promote Martial Arts development, participation in African aswell as in Canada.
  • To inspire atheletes to be the best they can ever be, and reach their goals and training objectives.


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In recent years, the Academy has reached many key strategic and operational goals in promoting and developing the sport of Kickboxing in East Africa. This is indeed a continuously challenging objective; thus far Coach Puro Okelo Obob has successfully trained various athletes in the combat art form of Kickboxing. His active roster includes fighters and affiliates in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania and Canada.


For more information, please contact Coach Puro Okelo Obob.